NAK House is a full service film production and digital agency focused on creating compelling brand stories for our clients. We specialize in production of all forms of media including film, still photography, interactive web advertising, and more. We are comprised of an experienced staff that is dedicated to producing the best possible product. We employ an array of high-end equipment custom tailored for each project.

Our unique vision, post-production setup and turn-key operations allow us the ability and technical support to create one of a kind products for our clients. Our team of producers, directors, cinematographers, editors, audio engineers, graphic designers and programmers will work with you from concept to completion delivering a finished product that will engage target audiences and leave a lasting impression.

Based in Los Angeles, CA


Our clients inspire everything we do. We take our clients’ ideas and goals, and we develop ways to help communicate them so that they are clearly understood by their target audiences.  We have worked with some of the worlds leading brands to produce innovative solutions.

Film Production

Film offers the opportunity to create memorable branded experiences that immerse the viewer and illicit strong emotional responses. At NAK House, we ensure that from the initial concept through storyboarding and the finished film, we convey our clients’ messages in their most compelling and emotive form.

Still Imagery

Photography is at the very core of what we do. We construct images that utilize our technical expertise and artistry to bring our clients projects to life. Each image is a carefully crafted vignette: a micro-story designed to convey information, meaning, and emotion to the viewer.

Web + Interactive

We pay attention to the digital delivery of our work. This approach gives us the ability to make our clients’ project objective-oriented, measurable, responsive and available across an ever-increasing range of devices. Whether it’s a website or an ad campaign, we plan and develop custom digital experiences, utilizing the best practice approaches and the latest technology, delivering digital assets that work hard to convey our clients’ key marketing messages.