Sports & Action Sports

Film Production

Film in Sports and Action Sports

The sports and action sports industries showcase the most innovative dedicated athletes. We tailor our projects to present each athlete’s story, artistry and experiences in the most captivating manner while promoting our client’s message and brand identity. In today’s marketplace, high-quality cinematic video is expected and a vital component of any successful marketing campaign. In creating our sports and action sports productions we use innovative techniques and industry leading technology that allows us to bring subtleties to life. Our talented team gives us the ability to adapt to every client, athlete and situation promoting a creative collaboration. Our mission is to create compelling sports stories for our clients that resonate with viewers.


Our sports and action sports films capture our subject’s struggles and adventures practicing the sports that they love.

Film Production

Film offers the opportunity to create memorable branded experiences that immerse the viewer and illicit strong emotional responses. At NAK House, we ensure that from the initial concept through storyboarding and the finished film, we convey our clients’ messages and athlete’s stories in their most compelling and emotive form.

Still Photography

Photography is at the very core of what we do. We construct images that utilize our technical expertise and artistry to bring our clients’ and athletes’ projects to life. Each image is a carefully crafted vignette: a micro-story designed to convey information, meaning, and emotion to the viewer. A single captured moment can tell an entire story.

Aerial Cinematography

Aerial cinematography brings an entirely new perspective. The ability to travel fluidly through any scene at any altitude gives us complete creative freedom to capture unique view points while shooting any action sport. We use state-of-the-art equipment from low-altitude unmanned aerial drones to fixed-rotor helicopters ensuring the best possible product for our clients.

Underwater Cinematography

Underwater cinematography is an invaluable tool when shooting action sports. This technique showcases spectacular elements in their aquatic state that are often times overlooked. The ability to enter into an athlete’s world allows for a more intimate experience for the viewer. We use industry leading methods and equipment to produce the best visual products possible for our clients.